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2014 Celebration of Inquiry (not for Undergraduate Research Competition)

Main Presenter/Organizer (required)*

Please include the name and affiliation (student, faculty, staff, community member or other) of main presenter or organizer. The main presenter/organizer will be responsible for all correspondence. Please do NOT use this form to submit sessions to the Undergraduate Research Seminar. To submit to the Undergrad. Research Competition go to http://www.coastal.edu/inquiry-2014/undegradresearchcompetition.

Name and Affiliation of Main Presenter or Organizer (e.g,. Mary Jones, student)
E-mail of Main Presenter/Organizer
Phone of Main Presenter/Organizer

Abstract/Description (required)*

Describe in 200 words or less what you are planning to do for this session. It is recommended that you write your abstract/description on a word processor (like Microsoft Word) and then copy and paste it unto this text box.

Information on Session (required)*

Tracks for the Celebration of Inquiry are: (1) Arts & Humanities; (2) Business & the Economy; (3) Education & Human Development; (4) Science & Technology; (5) Ethics & the Environment; (6) Society and Gender; (7) Multidisciplinary .

Title of the Session
Track for Session (please select from the list above)
Session length (most sessions should be either 50 minutes, 75 minutes, or 110 minutes long). If you request a different length, explain why in the comments section below.

Technical Needs (required)

Please BE SPECIFIC as to what type of session, room and equipment you need.

Type of session (presentation, panel discussion, exhibit, etc.)
Room needed (small, classroom, large classroom, theater, exhibition space, etc.)
Equipment needed (data projector, computer, film projector, tables, etc.)

Additional Presenters & Comments (optional)

Please complete this if you have other presenters/participants in the session.

Full names and affiliation of other presenters. (e.g., Larry Lark, faculty; Gary Goal, student; Melissa Mel, staff)
E-mails of all the participants in the session in the same order as the names (separate e-mails with semi-colons)
Any additional requests or comments